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iL FRATELLINO — iL FRAT for short — is a brand for the wild hearts.

Those that live off the adrenaline of the unpredictable, the sexiness of the unexpected, and the joy of the unforgettable. We’re the fashion brand for a new generation of women looking to define themselves on their own terms, through their own experiences. 

Launched in 2022 by brothers Brian Atwood and Zak Rodriguez, iL FRAT aims to embody an era of your life: the period of self-discovery. It’s not an age, it’s an attitude of openness and adventure. It’s the time when we willingly dive into life’s anarchy and gluttonously devour every new experience. We want our shoes to take you on all of those journeys, carrying you through wild nights and cheerful days. Leave no escapade untaken, no crush unkissed, no minute unmemorable. iL FRAT makes fashion that help you make moments. What will yours be?


Zak Rodriguez

Zak Rodriguez is the little brother at the helm of Il Frat. As a child, Zak spent hours at the dining room table with his older sibling, famed designer Brian Atwood, sketching and coloring shoes. It turns out that 20 years later, those are still some of his fondest memories. Il Frat is Zak’s way of bringing that back, while developing a brand that speaks to a new generation. 

Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood, iconic shoe designer to the stars, is best known for his ultra-glam, sky-high shoes with sex appeal revved to the max. He joins Il Frat as a vital creative consultant, helping guide the brand on the same journey that he traveled more than two decades ago. Undeniably a master designer, Brian is first and foremost a big brother: Always encouraging a wild adventure, and always there to support us.